Homeland Security?

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both" - Benjamin Franklin

Ernest Hancock Update

Update with information regarding the surveillance tower seen above along with links to a promotional video on the tower from the manufacturers

The following links go together… Please let me explain…

While doing production for an upcoming show on Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Monday and Tuesday on the Charles Goyette Show 7-10am in Phoenix on 1010 KXXT we'll be talking about the Recall effort against Arpaio)… anyway, I noticed a piece of equipment that I had seen before about 2 years ago while detailing a story on my radio program “Declare Your Independence” with Ernest Hancock. If you look at the picture closely you'll see a guard tower on top of a hydraulic lift.


I did many web searches and made many calls before I finally got the brand name of the unit from the Durango Street Tent City jail Admin. office.  I'd seen the same thing used during the Nazi “Papers Please” trial runs that Terry Bressi uncovered near Tucson while working at UofA's Kitt Peak (full story at the following site) if you click on the ‘Homeland Security' link on the top left of the home page you'll see the first pictures I know of for these being used in civilian law enforcement.


I remember then thinking that the whole “Homeland Security” thing was going to create whole new branches (domestically) of the ‘Military Industrial Complex'


I finally tracked down the manufacturer http://www.sky-watch.net/products.asp (watch the 3+ min. video)

Then I was interested in who sold them,… was the parent company etc.


And this is as far as I got today but you can just smell defense contractors all over this and around the world in need of a need for this stuff.

Then I get home to the following from Mark Yannone (libertarian friend and freedom fighter/congressional candidate)


Anyone that doesn't see “Papers Please” road blocks across America is either lying or…


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Homeland Security