Homeland Security?

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both" - Benjamin Franklin

12NOV06 DHS Roadblock (photo #5)

Five DHS agents can be seen manning this suspicionless roadblock on SR86 near milepost 145. The first agent on the left inspects vehicles closely as they approach and stop at the stop sign. The job of this agent appears to be to look at the back of vehicles and in the cab while the stopping agent (closest to the stop sign on the left) directs the driver during the encounter. The stopping agent looks for queue's from the inspecting agent regarding whether or not to allow the vehicle to pass through without further interrogation.

Two of the agents on the right can be seen with their hands on their weapons (one is also carrying a soda bottle) as they observe approaching vehicles and look for queue's from the other agents regarding whether or not to respond.

It should be remembered that this suspicionless roadblock, manned by agents of the federal government, is taking place on an American street over forty miles North of the international border absent reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing. How many individuals are illegally entering the country 40 miles to the South while these federal agents are busy stopping thousands of travelers in the interior of the country who are just going to work, going home, or visiting friends and family in nearby communities?