Homeland Security?

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both" - Benjamin Franklin

November 12, 2006 DHS Roadblock

Below you will find information and photos related to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) suspicionless roadblock that took place on Arizona SR86 near mile marker 145 on the weekend of November 12, 2006. This roadblock took place over forty miles North of the international border. As in previous operations, its intent is undoubtedly to interdict illegal narcotics and identify illegal border crosser's. This in spite of the fact the international border is many miles to the South.

It should be noted, I've been documenting all manner of Homeland Security abuse in the Southwest for the past several years. Additionally, I was stopped at a similar roadblock in April of 2005 and witnessed DHS agents playing a major role at another illegal roadblock masquerading as a sobriety checkpoint in 2002 at this same location.

For those who think that interior suspicionless checkpoints are an efficient use of a federal agent's time, statistics show that such roadblocks do little to stem the tide of illegal border crossings while doing much to undermine the rule of law and violate fundamental principles of liberty and justice. Border Patrol agents who aren't on the border, traveling to or from the border, or investigating specific reports of illegal aliens away from the border aren't doing their job.

It should also be noted that the Department of Homeland Security releases well over 100,000 illegal aliens back into local communities every year while awaiting court proceedings regarding their disposition. Over 60% of these individuals abscond after being released with an estimated 540,000 such individuals believed to be in the country illegally. Ten's of thousands of these individuals have felony records and/or originate from countries on terrorist watch lists.

The obvious questions that arise from these studies include:

  • Why are federal agents being wielded against the traveling public many miles away from an international border absent reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing?
  • Why aren't such resources being used to stop illegal border crosser's at the border and to deport individuals known to be in the country in violation of federal court orders to leave?

A good reference on federal court cases regarding Border Patrol authority is available on the Roadblock Registry website.

If you're as concerned as I am about the civil rights violations being perpetrated against individuals in the name of 'security', please contact the Tucson Sector Border Patrol headquarters regarding your concerns. You may also want to advise the agency that the best place for federal agents to catch illegal border crosser's is on the border - not state highways located many miles away.

DHS Roadblock Photos - November 12, 2006

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